Wednesday, 19 December 2012

We all love those ugly yet cozy hand knitted jumpers from nan in the winter time, or that hand made doll house dad put his sweat and tears into for you when you were a little girl.
Hand made, home made what ever it is at the end of the day we all love the thought that someone has put their hard work into something that we cherish. 

Recently I come across the website Style Outside The Box, you can find the link here.
A place where nan's jumpers and dads dollhouses are famous!! ...well not really. But it's full of independent designers with creative brains! You can find anything handmade from home decor to a brand new outfit for yourself! ;)

& of COURSE quite a few things caught my eye!

Find the link straight to the Cotton Deco Crochet Necklace here!
I don't even know what to say about it......
Basically we all have our statement pieces, the blazer, the LBD, those signature heels and the odd statement jewelry piece. But this necklace is well beyond a statement. People from up the road would see it on you! It's just to stunning for words. 

2. Now this is just crazy.. but I WANT IT!
ON SALE! $13.00
Find the link for the Adjustable Mug Cozy with Vintage Button here!
I absolutely LOVE the concept of this. Have you ever gone to grab the take away cup and it's scolded your hand? unless that just stupid me.. But anyhoo, this would make another great gift!
It's one of those things people will think, 'why would I use this?' then down the track they are actually using it! Plus it's adorable!

3.  Year Round Candles!
Find these funky Blue Cherry Blossoms Candle Holders here!
All year round I will burn a candle in my bedroom. As long as it smells good and even if it's 100 degrees outside I'll burn that candle!
These candles are just way to cute! They'd make an awesome gift for mum or those stupid Secret Santa's at work when you don't know what to get!

4. That's right! A Tea Bag Ring!
Find the link for the Tea Bag Ring here!
Have you ever worn a really cute odd piece of jewelry and gone up to the counter at a shop and the shop assistant notices it! Well this ring for sure will bring you some attention!
Since it's small and quirky people will have to double take to make sure that its a cup of tea on your finger! I just LOVE this! 

Well I think I've babbled enough. I encourage each and everyone of you to check this website out! 

Does anyone have a handmade item that they just love? :) 
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