Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Adelaide Fringe Festival

So here in Adelaide, every year we have the Adelaide Fringe Festival!
It starts February 24th and it's basicly (for those of you who don't know) a big "carnivale" type of thing with comedians from all over the world, like from the Edinborough Festival in Europe, Bands from all over the world, Circus shows, Theatre shows, Cabarets and LOTS more!
It starts off with a street party in Rundle park where theres little shows, which is all of these pictures above!
Everyone from all over Adelaide, Australia and a few from the other side of the earth come down and get drunk lol, see bands, go on rides, EVERYTHING that a fate/fair/carnival has, its here!
Me and Dan went to only one show, it was the Mutant Barn Yard lol there was mutant animals, like a two headed cow, a rooster with two heads and three legs, little still born pig fetuses, (EWW) a cute little baby chicken with one eye and one leg lol.. BUT they all had a very short life span so these animals were unfortunately stuffed.. bit of a let down lol but I would have feel sad if these animals were REALLY there :(
There was a freak show aswell, the guy standing out the front of the tent swallows SWORDS, and the picture of Dan (above) is with the Lizard Man from Rippleys Believe It Or Not! He was so cool, heaps polite and just looking at him was facinating!
Over the next few weeks that the Fringe Festival Takes place ill be going to a few shows, so ill post photos etc of them too :)
Hope everyones having a good weekend where ever you are!
Do you have any carnival things like this where you live? :P

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Grammys 2012


This photo was from last years Grammys, but I just liked
the photo so I had to put it up!

I love watching the Grammys/Golden Globes etc.
Just to see what everyone is wearing ofcourse. These pictures I found are like behind the scenes type of thing, I love seeing how celebrities get excited when they get a picture with another celebrity, it's just like if one of us got a picture with one lol
Adele look amazing, hands down! And even thought everyone was calling Katy Perry a Smurf, I still think she looked hot!
Who was your favourite? :) x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sydney February 10th-13th..

Soooo got back from Sydney thismorning at 8:00am UGH!
So unbelievably tired from getting up at 4:00am.
BUT I had the best three days in Sydney.
We did SO MUCH!!
Went to the Harry Potter Exhibition at Power House Museum.
Im not the BIGGEST Harry Potter fan, but too see all the actual costumes they wore and props, like wands and that, that they used on set was really awesome.
Bought myself an authentic replica of the Voldemort wand lol bit nerdy but im so happy with it!
Had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe for Lunch, bought a cocktail glass :D
Walked all over the entire city with the utter most SOREST legs :(
BUT..I can't wait to go back again this year!!
Much Love xx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Rae Morris..

From Something Extreme..

..Rae Morris..

To Something Really Subtle..

Just another Makeup artist I love to stalk :P
This time born and bred Aussie!!
She's just so lucky, and I'm incredibly jealous of her being picked up at 19.
L’OrĂ©al Paris Makeup Director and four times in a row Australian Makeup Artist of the Year.
She's was worked with EVERYONE you name it, Miranda Kerr, Cate Blanchett, Pink, Jessica Biel. 
Having spreads in magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Rolling Stone.
She's apart of the stylist team for Westfield along with Gok Wan.
Being a famous makeup artist is easy when you KNOW the right people.
She's definately different to Megan Martinez, but I love both their work in so many different ways.
What do you think of Rae Morris?
Much Love x

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Megan Martinez..


..Megan Martinez..

Megan Martinez,
Self taught freelance makeup artist from Texas.
My true international idol when it comes to makeup.
Her story she tells of growing up and becoming what she's always dreamed of amazes me.
She's downright gorgeous and watching her upload photos of her day to day work simply makes my day!
I can only hope to one day meet her :) BUT im not holding my breath. haha!
She deserves all the luck in the world.
You haven't LOVED tattoos till you've seen hers!
What do you guys think of her work?

Much Love ;) x

Monday, 6 February 2012

New Begginings

Hey Everyone :)
So this weekend (Friday-Monday) I'm going to Sydney to see my older brother before he goes off into the Navy again :(
This time he's going to America for 6 Months and we won't see him till Chrissy this year!
Put I'll be blogging about my 3 day weekend shopping, exploring and meeting Sydney YAY!
Much Love x ;)