Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Meet Fiona..

 Meet Fiona <3
 My dog Max and new friend Fiona

Hey All,

Bit of a random post, But recently I have a been fostering to adopt a dog from the Adelaide All Breed Dog Rescue Facebook page. She's a full bred 2-3 year old Siberian Husky, the shelter named her Fiona which isn't a traditional husky name (I know) but she comes when you call her so why confuse her by changing her name right?

First of all I'll tell you about Max my dog I've owned for 12 years. He's a Jack Russell X Collie. Bit of an odd mix but none the less, I love him to bits! He's my first dog and best friend and I wouldn't change it for the world.
His personality and character is nothing like I have seen in a dog before. He's an utter goofball and makes me laugh! He may be getting to be a frail old man but he sure doesn't show it! He soldiers on through life more energetic as the days go by.

Now, a bit about Fiona. Like I said, she's a full bred Siberian Husky, one eye is blue/white and the other is brown/amber with a white patch (very spooky) she's still a pup technically so she's got ALOT of energy in her! 

Her story of how she because a rescue dog is heart breaking, she was raised on a farm with sheep etc. She had puppies at a VERY young age and the pups were taken from her and sold way to young aswell! While the pups were around, she was chained up and had the pups just feeding from her while the owners gave her no food herself! So the puppies were taking whatever nutrition that was left in her as she wasted away, you can sort of tell in the bottom picture how skinny she actually is. To help her gain weight and bring her back to health will take atleast 6-12 months. She needs to gain another 10 kilos to be at a healthy weight. We are doing this by feeding her mostly chicken ie. chicken wings, mince etc in 5 separate meals a day.

It absolutely disgusts me that people treat any animal this way. It's inhumane I say!

Everyone should be aware of rescue groups and the great things they're doing! Adopt a dog! Give them a second chance, don't go out of your way to find a special particular breed for your benefit and DON'T buy from a pet shop, you never know if they come from puppy farms.

Please give any animal a second chance <3

Has anyone adopted an animal before? Hearing stories like these from others make me feel like there are genuine people in the world who understand animals :)

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