Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Green Tea..

Hey all :) 
So I am aware this is a random post lol...

But Green Tea is something I love and swear by, I could seriously live off of it..forever! 

I'm always looking for new 'healthy/dietary' type of things to try out and Green Tea for weight loss came to my attention about 3 years ago. I was 17 and yea.. I had some puppy fat on me and the whole self esteem issue grew on me and one day I just got up, went for a run and ate healthy from that day onwards. This resulted in loosing 7kgs over 4 weeks!!
I have no significant proof.. but I honestly think it was all thanks to GREEN TEA!!

Weight loss:
Green tea is know to help fasten your metabolism which means your body digests food quicker. This isn't always a good thing, it means your body is not as efficient as a person with say a normal or slow metabolism. Basically from the food you eat, your body isn't getting as much energy as it should be.
But.. I think thats where exercising and a well balanced diet comes in. By just drinking Green Tea your not getting all the benefits you should be.

Health Benefits:
Green Tea is high in antioxidants which can help prevent the growth of cancer cells. It's also known to lower cholesterol levels and the growth of blood clots which is the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes.
(This here amazes me) ..Tooth decay. Green tea actually fights the bacteria that causes dental plaque.

We've all seen on the market these days green tea is now in deodorants, moisturisers, body washes, shampoos EVERYTHING! It's known to help rejuvenate the skin, giving it a healthy glow. Mature age skin may feel the need to use it as appose to younger skin.

Side effects include insomnia considering green tea does contain caffeine. I wouldn't recommend drinking it late at night.

I drink at least 4-6 cups of green tea a day. I drink it with a tea spoon of honey.. because alone.. green tea isn't the BEST taste lol. But you can also buy tea bags which are infused with lemon, ginger, apple etc.

So I don't know how people will feel on this topic, but if there is anyone who has had personal experiences with Green Tea good/bad feel free to share! I'd love to hear what other people think.

Thanks :) x


  1. I'm a big fan of redbush tea at the moment. Have you tried it?


    1. ooOOOo no I haven't heard of it :) is it a regular supermarket item or would you have to search for it?
      I also love Red Tea, apparently it has 50 times more antioxidants than Green Tea.

      Always good to know your teas lol :) x