Friday, 22 June 2012

Oily Skin Tips..

So.. oily skin.. eww
Some of you out there are blessed with normal skin, the skin that is neither oily nor dry. Neither pink or yellow untertones.. it's pure perfection. I've worked on a few normal skins before and I have to say.. I was jealous lol because I am one of those people who have the very.. very.. VERY.. oily skin :(
It happens tho.. growing up and becoming a "lady" shit changes and we have to deal with it all.

What is Oily Skin:
Oily skin is usually dull looking with enlarged/coarse pores and more than often have those horrible blemishes that are almost impossible to hide!
The sebaceous glands (where oil is produced) is overactive and produces more oil than it's suppose to.

How Does it Start:
Oily skin can come from MANY different things.
The most common being hereditary. If your parents grew up with oily or acne prone skin then it will more than likely pass down to you.

Your diet is another issue. If you eat fatty foods, deep fried or just foods that contain alot of oil themselves then your not doing your skin any good. Include fruit, vegetables and most definitely WATER in to your daily routine.

Birth control pills and Hormone levels.. don't get me started. We're all girls here.. so we know what we go through every month. But hormones do play a big part as well. If your taking birth control pills then be sure it is the right one for you. Usually when your doctor proscribes one to you, after the first three months you'll see the positives and the negatives of it and can change to a different one.

Lastly, skin products. Dry/normal/combination/oily no matter where you shop for skin care, you must make sure you're buying the right products for your skin type.

Products I use & Highly Recommend:

Cleansers -

Neutrogena 2 in 1 Face Wash & Mask
Use morning & Night, it really does make a difference! I've heard nothing but good reviews!

Lush Dark Angels -
Use 2-3 times a week depending on the oiliness. It clears your complexion!


Lush Tea Tree Water -
Use after cleansing with a cotton pad or just spray it on your face. It's refreshing and makes you feel that little bit cleaner.

Clinique #4 Clarifying Lotion-
Use after cleansing. I use to use this when I was a teenager, but I still recommend it even though I use Lush now.

Blotting Papers & Pore Minimiser-

Nivea Mattifying Gel Cream-
Use this before primer/foundation. This is amazing for a supermarket product! 

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets-
Carry these with you during the day just to touch up your t-zone.

Primers -

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer-
Use after skin care and before foundation. I've only ever used a sample of this and I loved it! I'm trying to get my hands on a full size.

Napoleon Perdis Calming Primer (for redness)-!! Definitely counteracts the redness and does the job!


Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturiser-
Use after toner. I love this! It's so light and fresh.

Lush Enzymion-
Perfect for oily skin. It's fat free, so no oils etc. 

Well, sorry this post is so long :s
But I hope it's helped atleast one person. I'm always trying new products and reading reviews. If you've done a post similar or have any products to add, link them below I'd love to read them!! :)


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