Saturday, 7 April 2012

Graftobian HD Foundation Palettes

In The Graftobien pack I recieved a lip palette with 18 colours, a corrector palette with 5 colours and 3 foundation palettes with 18 colours each in neautral, cool and warm shades.

 This is the casing of the palettes

 The Warm Palette

 The Neutral Palette

 The Cool Palette

 The Lip Palette

The Corrector Palette

Hey all!! :)
So for a while now I have been looking ALL OVER for a foundation palette for my makeup kit. Being in Adelaide we don't necessarily have a wide range to choose from so I always resort to buying online, which I don't have a problem with, I just don't like the waiting part :/
Anyhoo, I was tossing up between this or the Bobbi Brown Foundation and Concealer Palette.
When I purchase ANY form of makeup for my kit I ALWAYS research it regardless. I usually will use and find out just everyday people and their opinions and then find youtube videos on the certain product to see how the products works, how it sits on the skin etc.
So, as you can tell (duhh) I purchased the Graftobian set and so far so good :) I haven't got around to properly finding the right colour for my skin tone, but I will soon. Since there is SO many colours to choose from I don't see any skin tone being hard to match!
The corrector palette is my FAVOURITE! I have a pink undertone to my skin and have had problems with acne in the past so the green corrector saves my life!
The foundation does sit well on the skin, I like to really buff foundations in to get the BEST possible finish and this makeup being a HD really does the trick.

Anyhoo :) Does anyone else use Graftobian? I'd like to know more people's thoughts on the product. Or does any one have a foundation they swear by?

I will admit tho, being a makeup artist.. I am STILL trying to find the RIGHT foundation for me!!
Thanks for reading :) <3
Ps. Mind my girly floral bed sheets lol I have had them my whole life and have an emotional attachment to them :)

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