Wednesday, 28 March 2012


...::Rachel Bilson::...

...::Alexa Chung::...

Hey everyone! :)
Lately I haven't been purchasing as many clothes as usual. (which is a good thing)
I've been researching random boutiques in Australia, bloggers and just websites which have lookbooks on them, which I think is the worst idea (for me).. makes me think, "ooo that looks good ill buy it!"
Anyway, these two celebs are my inspiration for throwing clothes together and just looking great!
Rachel Bilson (who I have loved since the very begging of the OC) and Alexa Chung whom I just discovered on the weekend, but my god she's so similar too Rachel!
This just encourages me to use the clothes I own more, It's relatively easy to pull off jeans, a white T and a blazer and just look comfy and stylish!

I also wanted to ask, anyone who comes across my blog, leave your sites in the comments and I PROMISE ill check your's out. I love seeing how creative every one can get!

Much Love! xx

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