Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Grammys 2012


This photo was from last years Grammys, but I just liked
the photo so I had to put it up!

I love watching the Grammys/Golden Globes etc.
Just to see what everyone is wearing ofcourse. These pictures I found are like behind the scenes type of thing, I love seeing how celebrities get excited when they get a picture with another celebrity, it's just like if one of us got a picture with one lol
Adele look amazing, hands down! And even thought everyone was calling Katy Perry a Smurf, I still think she looked hot!
Who was your favourite? :) x


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  2. Just did :) I only just started but thankyou!!

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  4. looks like rihanna has lost a lot of weight. i saw the 2 kids interviewing all the stars for ellen!

  5. Everyone looks gorgeous, especially Rihanna!xx